SHADOW 5: What is going on here?

Woman:               It will never work……this thing that you are trying to do……never! You  belong here……with me…..and the rest of us!

Man:                    I am not staying here! I do not belong here…look…I love her, I understand her better. He just doesn’t get her the way I do. I’ve watched her, mirrored her every move. I’ve felt her pain and all her joy. I’ve been a part of her. What does he know? I was there before he came along. Always there!

Woman:             You do not belong in her world! Stop this nonsense! Now before it’s too late. You know what you are….

Man:                   Yes but look at what I’ve accomplished so far! Did you ever think it possible? No! But I did it……I did it!

Woman:            Oh goodness………I really believe someone will get hurt. You are messing with things even you do not understand.

Man:                  You talk like you belong here yourself. You and I don’t belong here just as much as we do not belong in her world. We are misfits either way. So, why can’t I choose where I want to be? Huh……….you just don’t get it! It’s all about her…………It’s all………about……..her!

As Becky walked off to the kitchen after dropping her alarming news, totally oblivious to the fact, Nkosi and I sat in silence for what seemed like a life time. I did not know how to feel at that point. Frank was everywhere. How did he know my friends? There was no way it could have been a coincidence. I was being stalked. Actually I was not sure which one of us was being stalked since he had been to Nkosi’s workplace and pretended to need a job. I turned and faced Nkosi! The look in his eyes reflected how I was feeling. It was all just too draining. We both knew it was time to get to the bottom of this, discuss it fully and perhaps, even call the cops. “What the hell is going on here?” Nkosi finally asked.

“Sooooo where is this photo girl? I came over as soon as I heard your message on my voicemail. Eh….geeee…..what happened to you two? The looks on those faces….you would think you’ve just seen a ghost or something! Was I gone that long?” Becky chirped away as she walked in, making her way across the room like a super model on a red carpet, and placing herself elegantly beside me again. “Woman go and get this photo for crying out loud! Don’t make me wait no more!” she insisted. I was trying to remember where I had left the photos. They were supposed to be on the table where I left them after I felt the presence in the room and then had to go to the door when Frank knocked. I had not seen them since then. They were no longer on the table. “Love did you move the photos? I’m sure I left them here,” I asked Nkosi. He stroked my back lovingly and told me he had placed them on my bedside table whilst I was bathing.

I got up from my seat and made my way to the bedroom with Becky in hot pursuit. She was so excited just as I had imagined. Photography was her passion. She lived and breathed photography. I sat down on the side of the bed and picked up the box of photos from the side table, whilst Becky switched on the bedroom light. It was not giving us enough light to view the photo effectively so I switched the bedside lamp on as well. As I pulled the photo out and placed it on the table, Becky’s eyes lit up. She spotted it at once. “Your shadow….!” She said with a giggle that was mixed with surprise and awe. “Wow……but weren’t we all carrying cameras? How come your shadow is not doing what we were all doing? Un….belie….vable….! She marvelled as she slowly came down to a crouch to get a better look. “It’s not attached to you! How did you achieve that girl? How is that possible? I mean look at all the others. Ok you are holding out on me! I thought we shared skills!” She carried on. “Becky that’s the thing! I did exactly what you all were doing…but that is how my shadow looks.” I explained. Becky burst into an excited and hearty laugh. “Woooooow! Ha ha ha ha ha,” she went on.

To get an even closer look at the picture she got up slightly from her crouched position and moved her hands closer to the light. Somehow she caused a little shadow to form on the wall by the lamp. I have no idea how it managed to catch my eye and why it actually did form with a room that was so well-lit. A few seconds later, both Becky and I were screaming our heads off. What was it? Even today I cannot tell you exactly how it was possible. The shadow came out from the wall in the form of a hand and grabbed Becky’s arm by the wrist. Even as we screamed we could hear a whisper, but could not make out what it was saying. It was a  female voice! It went on for few seconds, but my heart was racing, my head spinning, totally confused.  I was so afraid, I did not know what to do. Was I supposed to grab Becky’s hand and pull her loose, what ……what ….what to do! Spoilt woman that I was, I was expecting Nkosi to come running in to save us, but he did not come, even after our loud screams.

I finally put my arms round Becky and tried to pull her loose but she was held in the tightest grip , it was making the veins pop up from under her skin. Then I finally heard part of what the voice was saying. “Sssssssstooop him! Sssssstoooop Frank” the voice repeated this over and over whilst we tried to get Becky free. Then the voice changed and all of a sudden got louder and said just once, “NKOSI”, then the hand disappeared and there was no shadow on the wall anymore.

Becky fell back onto the floor, terrified and still screaming. All my nerves were raw by this time, my hairs on end but now……where was Nkosi? Why had he not come to assist us? I turned without thinking as the alarm bells rang louder in my head, fearing something was wrong. Running out into the passage going towards the lounge I could already hear a shuffle and sounds of choking. As I entered the lounge I saw it, strangling Nkosi from behind. A shadow of a man that had popped out from the wall up to it’s waist, bent over the sofa, it’s arm around Nkosi’s neck, strangling the life out of him. Without a thought, I ran towards the two, picked up a plate and smashed it against the shadow’s head. It was startled as if it never saw me come in, or did not expect me to fight it. It let go, faced me for a few seconds then disappeared into the wall.

As Nkosi struggled to catch his breath, whilst I was busy asking him if he was alright, Becky walked towards us in total shock, unable to speak. I had not realized that she had come in just in time to see me fight the dark shadow and then watch as it retreated back into the wall. She stood in front of the table, facing us as if waiting for us to give her answers. I normally could guess what she was thinking. “Becky……..I don’t know……!” “No Wonder what just happened……I love you but I can not stay here. What was that? Wonder I was attacked by a shadow. What was that?” she insisted almost becoming hysterical. The fright was building up. I had that same sensation I had felt when I was alone in the lounge. The presence was back but stronger. Nkosi regained his strength and got up from the seat. “Wonder……what was that? One minute I was watching a movie next thing I hear you scream but when I tried to get up I was pulled back by someone………………some……thing…….and…..what is going on here?”

They both wanted answers from me but I was just as frightened as they were if not more. I had lived in that flat for a whole year without incident. I never heard of any hauntings happening in the building. I really did not know what that was. It looked like just a shadow but you could touch it…….and it, you. It had no real shape yet it looked like a man when it was attacking Nkosi. The weird thing though is that as it paused and faced me, with no eyes… face at all…..just a black shade of matter protruding through the wall, it seemed to change shape a little. As it began to go back into the wall, the form slowly took on the form of a woman. Once it was fully on or should I say in or against the wall, it became an outline……a shadow…….of me.

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