WRITER’S BLOCK ISSUES. My week’s battle!

Writer’s block! This is when a writer is unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. It is not that the story is unknown or the writer cannot think of anything to write, in other words, head is not totally empty, no, but the words just will not flow. It can last for a few minutes or days! Then again, it can last for years. I have experienced all the above with a project still pending from 2011.

Currently, my plan was to write about anything that pops up in my head, my life and so on, then the week’s chapter of ‘Shadow’. I have been getting onto the internet and finding myself just going through the motions of checking my mail and doing other business. I have actually been taking little peeks at the blog but I just could not think of what to write this time despite the many topics I have thought to cover and even have written down, ready and waiting. I looked at the dates of each post and how long it took me to post the next one…….and how many days had gone by since the last post this time around. The days kept adding up each day, making me worry more.

Then I would go back to what I have started to write of the next chapter of shadow and find that after writing one paragraph I got tired and folded my laptop. This is not because I do not know how the story unfolds but the next words just would not fall into place. Amazing isn’t it! Actually it is both frustrating and at times scary.

Before I go on further just from what I have said so far, there are two things you do not do that I did there. You will not get over writer’s block if when it is time to write you get onto the internet first, telling yourself you are going in briefly, then only to end up reading posts and messages on Facebook and checking when your last blog post was. The mind gets distracted and fear creeps in as well which is a sure-fire way of clearing your mind of any creativity.

This week my mind has been totally swamped. I have been busy with other little projects of mine, then getting home and dealing with the aftermath of those activities, never mind the planning for the next day. Then because Zimbabwe has the most irritating systems that make the simplest of tasks so excruciatingly complicated, my mind just could not get itself clear enough to conclude a story. That in itself is a great topic for a nice rant, but guess I will save that one for another day.

It probably sounds like I am making excuses hey? Well considering I just got back to writing after having not read or written much in years, it can be trying. Also, actually writing and learning in full view of everyone, knowing you have even forgotten how to punctuate sentences…….well…..! I have four English dictionaries on the desk for backup. See Word does get all ‘……..’ at times and confuses things. Stop it Word! So here I am, falling over myself in full view of everyone. I guess this piece is my way of making peace with that. I know I will not stop writing because of this ‘block’, I am pushing through it, and acknowledging that I am fumbling yet I am growing. The plans are big and they are long lasting.

It helps to be following some writers who, when I actually get round to reading, share loads of very inspiring notes on how to write and actually have been through this temporary issue. WordPress has just been great in that respect. there are loads of great writers out there. It is difficult however with very little commentary. I must say I appreciate the friends who have critiqued my writing. It is the only way I can grow. The other way I am finding is for me not to fear what people could be thinking, especially if they are not even expressing it. I will just write. I will blab away, rant away, create away, and try not to procrastinate intentionally. So this is me soldiering away, hacking through this writers block.

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