SHADOW 6: Vulnerable and afraid!

“Guys I am actually freaking out right now! I cannot answer your questions. I can’t be here tonight. Nkosi………..”

“Baby it’s ok…… gosh if it wasn’t for you…….”

“Wonder…….what was that……………what the hell was that? Girl we need to tell the cops…we need to speak to your land lord ….we need to get the church and pray! We most definitely need to get out of this flat NOW! Oh God help us……..”


“NO WONDER……….this place is haunted and we are still standing here asking questions. I am leaving! I am going to call someone! I need to call my pastor…NOW….I’m not staying here. Girl, pack your bags……where will you spend the night? Nkosi you can’t leave her here……..God help me, I need to get out of here…..I need to get out of here………WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT..?”

“Baby…….pack your bags! I’m not leaving you here! Becky calm down….”

“Don’t tell me to calm down Nkosi….did you even see the…the…..thing that just tried to kill you? I’M NOT CALMING DOWN…..WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE…”


“Nkosi come with me! I can’t be in a room by myself. You know there was another one that grabbed Becky. There is something in my bedroom too…”




“Nkosi will come with you……..I’m getting out, I’ll see you outside. Damn I want to see this landlord of yours………..”

Becky ran out of the flat, whilst Nkosi and I rushed to my bedroom to grab a couple of things. It felt like the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life. Actually I have no idea why we didn’t just run out at once. It felt like the passage was a whole mile long and all the walls, a threat. The thing I needed the most was my phone. I had enough clothes at Nkosi’s place. We approached the door cautiously. I felt Nkosi was trying more than he needed to be strong for me but he was frightened almost out of his wits. From my open bedroom door, I saw the phone on the bedside, ran in quickly, turned around, stifling a scream and ran back to the door where Nkosi was waiting and with no discussion we both rushed towards the front door.

We had just gone down one flight of stairs and still running, when I realised we hadn’t locked the door. I had worked too hard for what I had in there, but nothing was going to get me to go back at that moment. We argued as we rushed down the stairs. I needed to speak to the Landlord, Nkosi just wanted to get home with me, safe and sound. Two flights down, we heard a scream! It sounded like Becky. We ran down faster, terrified. We finally made it down the last flight of stairs, onto the landing, out onto the front garden, onto the pavement, and there was Becky passed out on the pavement, with a gash on her forehead, her phone broken and its pieces scattered beside her. My first instinct was to call for an ambulance. I quickly dialled and just as someone picked up the call on the other end, the battery died. “Nkosi…your phone?” “Ah damn….it’s not in my pocket. I don’t’ believe this! It’s on the couch!”

By the time he completed those words I was trying to attend to Becky. I called to her a few times trying to see if I could get any movement or response out of her. She was breathing alright, but the gash on her forehead had me terribly worried. There was no telling just how hurt she was. I was hoping we could get someone passing by to help us with a phone but, a quick glance at my watch made me realise it was now ten forty-five in the evening. Nkosi turned and walked back up the garden. I screamed after him demanding to know where he was going. He wanted to get his phone. We could not rely on the hope that we might meet someone on the way with a phone. I did not want to be left alone, nor did I want him to brave going back into that place……to brave another encounter with whatever the thing was. However, Becky was now our main concern.

“No….just get her into the car, we rush her to the hospital. We are wasting time too. Can we just go Nkosi? I am not going to wait down here alone with her. Who knows what happened and who did this. What if he’s still here? Don’t leave us.”

“Ok let me just check with the first flat downstairs. They might help.” He rushed off. I had a deep sense of foreboding. Something was telling me it may not end well at all! As I continued trying to get something out of Becky, I heard a voice ask, “Is she breathing?” I felt a quick pang of relief yet that quickly gave way to panic. The voice sounded rather familiar and it caused an intense discomfort to rise up within me. Memory was telling me that I was not safe. I looked up and there was Frank.

Man:        What are you doing?

Woman:  I have to stop you

Man:        I told you not to interfere

Woman: I cannot allow you to do this

Man:        Where did you get the formula?

Woman: Huh! You think you are the only smart one!

Man:        I said, where did you get the formula?

Woman: It doesn’t matter where I got the formula. Fact is I have it. No matter
what you do, or where you go, I will be there too.

Man:      You had better not get in my way, you hear me. You cannot stop me!     I  will have my way. I will make it happen even if it is the last thing I do. I am warning you….!

Woman: What…..what will you do to me……tell me…..what! No….I am warning YOU……you need to stop this……NOW!

Man:         Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. Get out of my way!

Woman: Come back here! Where are you going? Stop! Come………back!

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