SHADOW 7: Hospitals and cells.

I still had my eye on Frank when I heard a sound that seemed to be coming from the very depths of Becky’s lungs. A wheezing that I did not quite understand, since the damage I could see was on her forehead and nowhere else. My concern for Becky was becoming stronger than my fear of Nkosi’s look alike. How could Nkosi leave me alone like that? What if Becky only had a few minutes to live and we were wasting time looking for a phone instead of just driving to the hospital.

“Is she breathing?” Frank asked again. He had no business being there. I did not want to respond to him. However my friend needed help. So…”she is, but barely”  I replied. “Help me, do you have a phone?”

“Alas I do not own one at all. Perhaps I can help by lifting her. Where is the car? Oh there it is! Let me take her!”

Without a response from me, Frank went ahead and lifted Becky. It was rather awkward how he did it and as soon as he had her in his arms I knew it was a mistake. I had not seen the pool of blood coming from Becky’s back. Something was very wrong. She let out a little scream with the little energy she had left then she went limp and fell quiet as if she had lost all consciousness. That was the last time I heard anything come out of Rebecca’s mouth. The mystery of what happened to her hidden from us.

Nkosi came back just in time to find Frank approaching the car door I had opened for him. “Put her down and get away from us”

“I only wanted to help….”

“Thanks Frank but we’re good. You shouldn’t have moved her in any case. There is no telling how much damage there was to her spine” As this conversation went on, I was amazed at how Nkosi picked up on Becky’s injuries that were not as obvious to me. I guess it was the first aid stuff he had learnt.

“I can accompany you guys to the hospital…….”

“Frank……my guy…….we have had a very….very rough day. I’m gonna ask you to please……PLEASE…..leave us now.”

Frank turned and walked away in his strange way. This time though he was rather tense. He clearly did not like being told to leave. I did not understand why. He stood on the pavement and stared at us in anger. No one said anything as the car sped to the hospital.

Woman:    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Man:           Leave me alone

Woman:     You just don’t learn. You do not belong here. So what exactly have you accomplished?

Man:            Huh? Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have figured my plan out already.

Woman:      Getting rid of her won’t help you get rid of me! You forget, you and I are the same now. If you can’t disappear from Wonder’s disappearance, what makes you think I will from Rebecca’s? No stupid……you have to face me……me directly. Yes we are both getting in the way aren’t we? You might have silenced her but you will never silence me. Now more than ever, I have every intention of stopping you.

Man:            WOMAN…….LISTEN HERE….



We got to the hospital. Nkosi insisted that we should let the paramedics come and lift Becky from the vehicle. This time I did not argue or wonder why. When they arrived they made sure to protect her neck first then lifted her in their very careful, experienced way, out of the car and she was rushed to the theatre imediatly. It was only at this point that I let myself give in to tears. What a horrible day it had turned out to be. I had been stalked, driven out of my home by ghostly creatures which almost killed my boyfriend and had attacked Becky, and here she was, was my closest friend hanging onto life by a very thin thread. All this without the slightest clue as to why! I sobbed into my hands without a care if anyone heard or saw me. Nkosi sat beside me on the horrible, uncomfortable wooden hospital bench and stroked my back. He whispered something about going to find water for me to drink and walked away.

I sat there alone wondering, praying that Becky would make it. It was becoming very clear just how serious her condition was. “He left you alone again did he? You should not be alone. I’m here now! I will sit with you dear.” In a complete daze, wondering why the voice was familiar and if it was who I thought it was and how, ……how could he be there. I looked up and for sure it was smiling Frank. I lost it completely. I just stood up and screamed the hell out of that whole waiting room. As nurses and security began to run in my direction, I saw Nkosi running back. The worry and fear on his face turned to absolute rage after his gaze went from me to Frank standing in front of me.

By the time he reached us, you could not say a word to him. He was totally unstoppable. His fist landed on Frank’s face like bricks. Frank wasn’t expecting it. He gave way, fell on the floor. Nkosi pursued him! With every blow Nkosi took all the stress of that night out on Frank. Blow after blow. He pounded the guy. With every blow, he took even my own vengeance out on Frank for me. Thump, for stalking me……,punch for being wierd……thump for all the pain we’ve been through.
The first nurses to arrive were afraid to touch him and just stood there, watching them, as did a few other people who were sitting on the other bench. I spotted, through the corner of my eye two Zimbabwe Republic Police officers walking over. Not too keen on handling the situation but finding themselves having to do some real work, they were coming over to stop the fight. Upon arrival they both took hold of Nkosi and brought him to his feet. “Yeyi yeyi…… are under arrest. This is a hospital. We cannot have such bad behaviour inside of a hospital. Do you understand? You are coming to the Central Police Station so! Ah!” Once Nkosi was lifted off him, Frank finally got a chance to swing one, and he took that opportunity and gave Nkosi a blow to his abdomen.“Ah…..hey you! You are under arrest. What is your problem? Ah! Take this guy too!”

The Zimbabwean law enforcement personnel took my Nkosi and Frank into custody and disappeared into a police vehicle. Again I found myself on my own, waiting to hear what would become of Becky. I was glad Nkosi beat that Frank up but now I just wanted to go home……..well……….any home, with Nkosi, and Becky safe in her apartment. Was that too much to ask for?

Woman:  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa!


The nurses had a clock by their work station. It actually had the correct time. Not that it was any consolation to my aching heart. It was well after midnight. I still had not heard anything about Becky. I also feared for Nkosi. Knowing our police force, two things could happen. They could be charged and imprisoned but since it was this late, the cops on duty would be lazy and just throw them both into a cell for the night and they would be processed the next day if at all. The other option, which I was sure would happen, was that they would be asked for a bribe for their release, which I know Nkosi would never pay. He hated the cops for their lawlessness. Always ready to prey on the law abbiding citizen and aiding the criminals instead!
I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes. My head swung violently, waking me up. My back was aching badly and my neck muscles in such a knot, that I had a terrible migraine. There was a woman who had since joined me on the bench. She just smiled at me gently. I smiled back. There was something about her that made me feel warm and safe. She seemed familiar, like a  long-lost friend who had just come to my side when I needed her the most. She reminded me so much of Becky. Everything about her! Her manner, her smile! When she asked me how my friend was, I did not bother to ask how she knew I was waiting on a friend. I wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything. However, she was truly a stranger so I just told her I did not know.

It was exactly one AM on the nurses black and white clock, when Nkosi walked in looking like he had just won an age-old battle single-handed, and just needed a hot cup of tea, a warm bath followed by a night-cap. I got up and ran to him. We held each other for what could have been ages. Then we walked over to the bench.

“Honey how are you back here so soon?”

“Ha! Baby you know your police force right! So we get there and…..well to cut a long story short…..they were too lazy to process us properly at that time of the night so they just threw us into the same cell, together with a few other random guys. Apparently Frank was supposed to press charges against me plus I had also disturbed the peace etc etc. Well I was tired and fell asleep briefly, only to wake up and find Frank no longer in the cell. Baby I was so furious! So I ask where they had taken him. Turns out nobody knew how the guy got out of the cell. With Frank missing, they had no real story and were afraid they would have to explain how they managed to lose a prisoner. So they let me go!”
The woman sitting next to us, Becky’s look alike was staring at Nkosi, totally unashamed. She looked like she knew something we did not know and whatever it was, it was making her mad. She got up without a word and walked out.

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