The day Sikosana played my song on SkyzMetroFM’s SoulAffair.

Live stream here;

If you read my article about the making of my single Do You Still Love Me, you might recall me saying that this song will forever be the song that taught me so much, exposed me to the real world of music here in Zimbabwe. Well! I didn’t really listen to radio much and found a lot of times it irritated me………until……thanks to my single……I started listening to the #SoulAffair!

I still have goose bumps from tuning into Possenti Sikosana’s SoulAffair show, on SkyzmetroFM. Now how do I describe this without sounding mad?
Do you know how it is to listen to song…..after song…….after song, for three hours, of great tracks, some old, some current, some new releases? Non stop quality stuff? You know the kind of music that takes you on a journey. Music that connects with your soul. It seeps right into the marrow and makes you feel like you belong to something infinitely greater than yourself. A feeling that engulfs you with a longing to go back in time yet you know you are perfectly placed right there where you are. An absolutely enriching experience of music that awakens the very depths of your essence and takes you into a world you long to see yet, it’s already been, however the current time is just within reach of both. What I mean is… long to go back to that time that actually never was, yet it is coming……soon……just within your reach……yet so far. A feeling too deep for words! If you haven’t had this experience you need to tune into the SoulAffair.

This particular show, on Wednesday the 29th of March 2017, was special for me. It was the first time my song ‘Do You Still Love Me’ was played on the SoulAffair. I got the news just before he started his show. You can imagine my surprise and excitement. I listened through the first hour of fantastic jazz tracks some of which I actually have in my collection. During this hour he actually mentioned he would play a song by, Nonka Mabaleka, that’s me. It is the weirdest thing to hear your name spoken out loud for a multitude of people yet you have absolutely no idea just how far the reach is. The following hour he played great soul tracks. I must mention two artists who made my night.

He played two tracks from an upcoming album by a lady from Bulawayo Zimbabwe, recording her music in Capetown. Apparently, Qeqeshiwe’s album will be out in August. I was very impressed. I am excited to see that Zimbabweans are really growing musically and soon, more of us will be able to stand side by side with other nationals on the professional platform. So much talent in Bulawayo! It is such a pity that we must leave Zimbabwe to record elsewhere so we can at least try to get the best sound possible. Big up to Qeqeshiwe! I was inspired. Oh wait her music was played during the jazz hour. Lovely jazz tracks.

Available on iTunes and Amazon music @ 99c.

Now, during the second hour, he introduces me in the very typical way a man from Bulawayo with a long name like Possenti Ndabezwe Ncube Sikosana, would introduce another Bulawayo person. I was expecting Nonka Mabaleka but I heard the whole, “Nonkanyiso Phathisiwe Mabaleka, popularly known as Nonka Mabaleka”. Only a Ndebele does that. Trust me! Only a Ndebele DJ would. He did his homework too and mentioned everything I do. Singing, acting, songwriting, beauty therapy, writing…….And I’m just listening there wide eyed……wondering…..geeeeee….now what…how is this going to go. I’m exposed now. The song plays and I just freeze. When it’s all done, and I’m thinking wow this guy. Then he says someone just loved the song…well that made my night. Never mind the fact that I get messages and I realize people are actually listening in. People who actually know me and have my number so they can report or congratulate me! Well what do you know! In case you don’t already know, my song is available here:



Apple music:

Afterwards, I stay on to listen because he always plays really good tracks. What he then did was play one of my absolute favorites if it is not my very favorite at the moment and I heard it first on his show. You all need to listen to Vuma by Sands: Oh my….I love that song. I’m going crazy over that song. Even after it played I still had my hands in the air. It was my night totally made. I woke up the next morning with that same warm fuzzy feeling and the song still playing in my head. Unfortunately just a few lines though. Aaah week made, if not month!
Now do you understand. You cannot miss this show. I am so honored and humbled that my track was played in the same line up with so many amazing tracks. It makes me want to do even better. It feels like it can be done. I was so encouraged. Thank you to all who liked my track and sent messages of encouragement. Thank you so much. And a great thank you to you, Possenti Ndabezwe Ncube Sikosana for the amazing job that you do.
I will be listening!

Sikhosana 20170330_095918


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