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I have spent some time attending workshops this year especially. I have been to some that were worth my while a little more than others, but I must say I am beginning to have a bit of an idea what is worth attending and what I should only go to if I have spare time. I met a young gentleman for the first time at a seminar about a month ago and realised he actually falls into the category of people you want to listen to. You may already know him. This is Njabulo Moyo, a life skills coach, motivational speaker, a poet and an author. I had seen posters of Njabulo’s presentations here and there but I had never actually been to any. Meeting him for the first time, I found he is very friendly and open, and is ready to assist with any knowledge he can share at the drop of a hat….which I found to be truly amazing. He is a very confident man yet willing to pass that on to the next person. This is why when I saw the poster for the Self Starter Motivational Session, I knew it would be one worthy of attendance and would not be a disappointment. True to his character, the workshop was informative and empowering.


This Self Starter Motivational Session was only but one of his signature self-help presentations. The main message he had in this one was that one needs to look within for solutions, because you are your best coach. Trying to get solutions and assistance from other people at times brings disappointment meanwhile, everything you need is within. The vision is yours and all that is required is that one sets the right goals leading to the actions which will help to achieve them. You just need to then line up all the players as you see fit, according to the plan. He added that, “You cannot understand others if you do not understand yourself, and neither can you build strong relationships if you don’t have a relationship with yourself. The call is that entrepreneurs should invest in themselves if they are to see themselves as being part of the solution.”

I spoke to some of the participants and they were quite impressed and had the following to say.
IMG-20170404-WA0022[1]Kudakwashe Kunzekweguta, who herself is a motivational speaker that I believe will soon be making her own waves. She had this to say about her experience, “I learnt that for one to be a Self Starter you need to jump out of your comfort zone, stop making excuses and stop procrastinating. One needs to have self-discipline, goals, a mission, values, vision and purpose. I also learnt that failing is not bad. Not taking action when you fail is the problem. I observed that Njabulo is confident, captivating. He easily attracts people’s attention. I liked the idea that he involved his audience in his presentation from the start. I liked that I was motivated and was moved by the presentation. It made me become fully charged up to start working and stop procrastinating.”
IMG-20170401-WA0003Nigel Ndlovu who is co-founder and editor of the popular online magazine, UrbanCulxure, a director at UrbanCulxuremedia, has his own company Nigvision which does video and film,  and is great with a camera, was there as well, taking pictures. Even though he had to leave early, he had positive comments to share. Some of what he shared with me was that, “It was good. He asked folks three questions. Where are you in life right now? Where do you want to go? What is stopping you?”
I also spoke to a gentleman who goes by the name Milton Sithole, who is founder and chairman of Yatie Yatie Productions. He had this to say. “The workshop was enlightening. What stood out for me was when he said in life it’s the process that matters not the product. If you mess with the process the product won’t be up to standard. He also said you don’t have to be normal. Normal is too cheap.”

That was the response to a very well put together session which was also well attended. I do believe Njabulo Moyo has more presentations lined up. I am itching to be there and hear more of what he has to share. I wish him all the best in his career and hope that as he helps other people to get up and achieve their goals, his own success increases as well. I do hope I will meet you all at his next presentation.


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