“Wonder…what on earth was that?”


“That dance you just did? I’ve seen you dance but that was weird. Are you sure you’re ok? Maybe the stress is getting to you.”

“No there is no stress that is getting to her at all Nkosi…”

“Hm…you know what I’m thinking and feeling now?”

“Actually yes I pretty much do! Well at least I know your feelings and thoughts are nothing like Wonder’s.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Jika……watch yourself!”

“Ha ha ha ha haha ha ha!”

“Jika…….why did you call him that? That’s the first time I’ve heard that name? Why the hell are YOU finding this funny?”

“Ha ha ha aha haha ha ha ha!”

“You are both acting weird. Could someone please explain what’s going on here!”

“Jika…if you know what’s good for you……….”

“What? What? What could you possible do to me……you…my own creation…”



“Nkosi, this is not Wonder……this is a dark creature…..”


“…I created by mistake. YES! You were a mistake. I mixed the wrong herbs and chemicals together, sprinkled the wrong dust into the air and there they were…..”


“……two living shadows appeared from the walls. One, my very own shadow, the other, my friend’s shadow. My friend is late! He died a very mysterious death! To this day I wonder….”


I watched and listened in horror as the manager told the story. Nkosi was even more surprised. I wondered how much he had been told. I also wondered which of the two shadows the one beside me, within the walls, was.

“Yes….I was Jika’s shadow.”


“I know that’s what you’re wondering right? Yeah…..I was his shadow. Frank was Jika’s late friend’s shadow and yes…Frank did kill him.”

“What? Why…….”

As I started to ask that question….the situation in the lounge became more tense and even more sinister than it had been. I watched as Nkosi stared at the fake Wonder as she began to transform. It was the weirdest thing ever. It was as if she was slowly disappearing into thin air yet at the same time a dark figure was forming out of the mist-like apparition that was fading. The dark figure stretched and formed into non other than a fuming Frank who looked like he was about to pounce on the so-called Jika.

“Frank, from the day he was created, found humans fascinating. He wanted to be one of you so badly. But Jika’s friend knew he was trouble and was working on getting a way to destroy Frank. Many times he tried and failed. One day, however, he was so close. Actually both myself and Frank were caught by surprise. We actually were starting to transform back to lifeless shadows but something just wasn’t right. I would have welcomed it. But Frank….no! All this time he had been watching as chemicals were mixed and learnt a thing or two. Before we could fully disappear he had sprinkled something of his own onto us and here we are today. Still lurking around! As for……..”

As she was relating her story, which I was straining to hear without losing focus on what was going on before me, Frank advanced towards Jika. Nkosi somehow must have mastered all the anger he had towards Frank in that moment. He lunged at him. Next thing Frank was on the ground. His attention turned swiftly to Nkosi as he jumped back to his feet.

“……Jika’s friend! We found him dead the following morning. There was not much evidence pointing to anyone but I knew. I knew it was Frank! Never wants to be opposed! Must get what he wants! He did it! He killed him. Just like he tried with Becky..”

“What? What are you saying?”

“When Becky was running out she came across Frank as he was transforming from his shadow form into Frank form. That’s why she is in hospital right now. She would have told you what she saw. Then Frank would not have stood a chance with you. He silenced her!”

Once again I had no idea what to feel. Too much going on. All this information. Meanwhile…I watched as Jika turned and looked in our direction. I guess he figured it out. That little dance that Frank the fake Wonder did had given him a clue. He started towards us, at the same time fumbling with his bag. He took out a bottle.

“Wonder I wish so much to leave your world and this shadow world. I’ve seen cold things….this world is bad. I hated having to keep finding a human to attach to, and belong to. That’s what I had to do before Frank found the formula that allows us to be free. Jika’s friend failed to get rid of us but he did separate us from our human attachment. I had to find someone and when you appeared with your friend, she became my human attachment. Frank did not need you but he chose you. However when he started to let his fascination with you get the better of him I found the formula and freed myself so I could watch him and protect both you and Nkosi. Now we just…….”

The activity behind Jika got my attention all of a sudden. Frank got so mad as blows were being swung. I watched as he transformed into the dark shadow creature, even as Nkosi held him down.

Jika was a few steps away from us when all of a sudden I felt a sharp cold sensation cover me. I heard a faint scream beside me. Next thing I was standing in the lounge facing Jika. That got the shadow’s attention. It quickly broke lose from Nkosi then all I heard was a loud “Nooooooo……”



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