“mm mm….”

“Wonder……are you ok? Wonder!”


“Gosh baby your eyes are open but I can tell you are still fast asleep. Wake up.”

“Hey….gee…..where are we….have we crossed the border?”

“Yah ages ago. It was actually quite quick today.”

“What…how come you didn’t wake me up?”

“No, they said not to bother you. I told them you were on heavy medication and were quite unwell. Plus the doctor’s note actually helped too. They were very understanding so your passport was stamped with you in the coach. No worries. Both The Zimbabwean and South African immigration authorities realised you were out cold and needed the rest.”

“Oh my!”

“Where are we, what time is it?”

“Just gone past 5am in the morning. We are kinda early. We should be arriving in Midrand soon. I am amazed at how you managed to sleep right through all the noise and commotion that was going on here. You know we actually left a guy at Beitbridge coz he was too rowdy. I think he was high on something. He even started a fight. Then, we cross the border into Mesina and this thug of a guy boards. That’s the one they keep calling Jika.”

“They call him what…”

We were on our way to Capetown. We could not afford to fly because we had just decided to purchase a house and all our finances had gotten tied up in that project. My illness had taken us by surprise. It was nothing major however the medication I needed was not available in Zimbabwe and so we decided to travel together by coach and get the medication from South Africa and also have the specialist give us his opinion too. It was important since we were planning on trying to get me pregnant the following year.

We boarded the coach the previous afternoon at around 2pm. It was a long journey and I had managed to sleep right through it somehow. Apparently I woke up briefly but I didn’t even have a clear recollection of that.

There was a group of young men at the back of our coach who were making quite a din. I could tell Nkosi was rather agitated by them. I remembered seeing them board when we began the trip. The new face that Nkosi was referring to seemed to know the gang and seemingly, their leader too.

“There is that fellow. I promise If he glances over at you like that again I will clobber him so hard.”

“Which guy baby?”

“Remember that one……when we first got onto the bus….he was staring at you for ages then came and greeted you?”

“Oh the dreadlocked fella!”

“Yah…..the whole trip he has been looking this way. You would think I am not here. What am I…..a bench…a tree…what!”

“Oh dear where is this coming from? Baby so what….He can’t have me…”

“Yah but it’s rude! Pissing me off!”

My phone beeped. That is when I noticed how many missed calls I had received from my closest friend Becky.

“Oh dear poor Becky……she must be worried sick. You know how she gets….shame!”

photographer-234907_640“I am still so amused by the whole session with you ladies, taking pictures of your shadows. It brightened you up so much….I just loved it. One never would have guessed you had been unwell and spent a whole week in bed. That was real cool of them to do that for you my love. She is a really good friend.”

“Yah she is isn’t she……”

I was cut off by the shouts and laughter from the noisy gang at the back,”Hayi hayi hayi….Frank no man….no man…..don’t be like that…..uyazi…aaaaaaaaah…”

That just tore me up in stitches. Did I hear the name Frank? Nkosi was staring at me . I had to explain. “No see baby….I had a dream…..a bit of a nightmare really…”

“I know! That’ s why I had to wake you up! Why, what was going on?”

“Yah see….it started with……………”






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