What if we dared to think and #makeZimGreat?

Every great empire/nation’s greatness began with one  idea that was nurtured and never allowed to die until it became a reality that could not be challenged.

Nonka Mabaleka

What if we dared to believe in what most do not think possible. What if it is really possible to think and #makeZimgreat. Maybe we could believe in us becoming the greatest country in Africa and beyond. What if….! Is that so far-fetched that we can not even begin to try and create the picture in our heads.

Greatness starts in the mind. As a man thinketh…….so is he.

What if everyday, I purpose to think on the things that #makeZimgreat. All the positive things that make Zimbabwe peculiar and then build on that. What if I let my thoughts transcend so that I do not let the prevailing economic and political situation cloud my mind and make me believe that I am too inferior to dream of a day when I will be, we will be, not better, but greater.

Zimbabweans have become too comfortable in their pain and suffering. We now have this poverty mentality and have clothed ourselves with the cloak of inferiority. We are so divided we can not even come together effectively to start rebuilding. We will love a foreigner then hate and steal from our countryman.  What if we changed that? What if we actually realized we are all we have. We are family. We are all Zimbabweans irrespective of race or tribe. The return of ubuntu!

What if we each decided that the government cannot supply everything that we need to survive and we must think outside the box and not rely on them too much? It is true! We give our government too much power over us…..even our minds! What if….! What if…..! What if….!

I believe it is possible. It is those who have experienced what it is to lose everything, who, wavy zim flagfrom that place, can dream, believe and take the steps to reach that goal that most people/nations, paralyzed by their comfort and contentment can never reach. IT ALL STARTS IN YOUR OWN MIND. I believe we can think, believe and in turn work/build, and #makeZimgreat.



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