Sometime at the end of December 2016, I realized I needed to start writing again. A friend of mine posted something he had written and the link he shared led back to WordPress. That got me very curious so I decided to explore. I found a lot of information on blogging and decided to try it out, so I set up my blog. It was difficult deciding what I was going to write about. I thought about all the different blogs I have come across where specialists in a particular field share their expertise. I realized this is not what I want to do. What could I pick out of my life that I could commit to advising people on? Nothing came to mind. Instead I wanted to be free to write about anything that comes to my mind, on the day. So here I am sharing my thoughts. Letting you into my head and therefore into my life. I do hope it will be interesting enough!

I have had many experiences in this life of mine. Many I would love to share, from my childhood stories to the life I lived on the Cruise Ships, meeting all the people I met in all my travels and seeing the places I have seen. These experiences have shaped how I view the world and therefore how I live my life now. They have also made me akin to an old lady who never stops telling stories. That is how I have felt at times when I have shared my stories and found that at first my audience would listen intently, but because I just wouldn’t stop talking and the stories kept coming, my audience would get tired. In such situations, I have had people tell me to write a book. Great idea but where would I start? There is so much to tell and it is all one very, very long story. These stories can only be told separately as memories. Some are triggers that cause me to stop and analyze certain things in a certain way.

So I figured instead of burying all this inside me, I would share, right here. Where I am free to write as much as I like when I like, and you get to read as you choose. Lord knows I am excited and loving this so far. I hope you will too. Do read as I write. Do share when you have read. I love to hear people’s stories and comments, so I invite you to share your similar story or leave a comment. You could actually inspire me beyond your imagination. I hope I inspire something positive in your lives, even if it is just one moment of reading that takes you into a different world, the thoughts, the memories, the creativity Inside Nonka’s Head.


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